Online Education

It is possible to advance your career and keep up with your life and it all starts with GIA Online Education. You’ll learn using the same curriculum taught on GIA campuses, but you’ll study when it’s convenient for you. A great way to get ahead for even the busiest of us!

GIA Online Education helps you earn a gem and jewelry credential and expand your professional knowledge - all without putting your life on hold.

GIA Online Education is comprised of online courses and lab classes. Course materials, assignments, and final exams are conducted online. Lab classes are where you gain essential hands-on experience by grading and identifying gemstones alongside an instructor.

Offered in Chinese through GIA Hong Kong. English language courses are offered online through GIA’s campus in Carlsbad, California.

How Online Education Works

  • Media rich materials are delivered online so you learn the same curriculum as our on-campus students
  • Study whenever and wherever you want, then submit assignments and take exams online

  • Generous completion times allow you to study at a pace that works for you

  • Online Education instructors are available by email or phone to provide support, guidance and expertise

  • Get hands-on experience in lab classes offered at GIA campuses worldwide

Online Courses

  • Colored Stone Essentials
    Gain essential knowledge of colored stones, with focus on ruby, sapphire, and emerald.
  • Colored Stones
    Acquire in-depth knowledge about the multitude of colored stones sold in today’s market.
  • Diamond Essentials
    Describe diamond jewelry accurately for effective and ethical customer conversations.
  • Diamonds and Diamond Grading
    Understand the skills needed to grade the color, clarity, and cut of diamonds.
  • Gem Identification
    Practice identifying more than 60 species of gemstones, including naturals, synthetics, and treated.
  • Pearls
    Satisfy the most discriminating buyers with your knowledge of pearls.

Lab Classes

  • Colored Stone Grading
    Gain hands-on practice using gemstones and explore grading a range of colored stones.
  • Diamond Grading
    Explore how to grade diamonds consistently and accurately.
  • Gem Identification
    Practice procedures and skills to identify a wide range of natural, synthetic and imitation gemstones.
  • Pearl Grading
    Gain hands-on training and practice testing pearls for authenticity and post-harvest treatments.