About the Hong Kong Lab

Gemological science with results you can trust.


GIA is considered the world's most trusted name in diamond grading and gemstone identification. Since 1931, GIA has been dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science and professionalism. GIA created the famous 4Cs of diamond value – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight – and the International Diamond Grading System™. These are the universal benchmarks by which all diamonds are judged.  

GIA’s groundbreaking research and unbiased grading and analysis set the global standards that protect the gem-buying public. As the world’s foremost authority in gemology, all items in our laboratory undergo thorough and complete testing, leveraging GIA’s:

  • Expertise GIA laboratories are staffed by expert scientists and gemologists working with state-of-the-art technology

  • Precision Advanced instrumentation and experienced visual observations deliver consistently accurate results

  • Objectivity All gemstones are analyzed under complete client anonymity to ensure objective analysis

  • Integrity As a non-profit organization, GIA operates independently of commercial and private interests, political lobbies and advocacy groups

  • Global Standard GIA reports are the benchmark of analysis and grading, and those who buy, sell or curate the world’s most important gems rely on GIA


You have easy, convenient access to GIA's world-renowned laboratory services right here in Hong Kong. Services offered include:

  • On-site grading, inscription services and sealing services

  • Fast, convenient local take-in and return

  • Grading reports unrivaled for their accuracy and precision

View full list of services and how to submit to GIA in Hong Kong.

You can also manage your lab account and instantly view and manage the job status of your gemstones online through My Laboratory. With GIA's secure portal, you can place orders, preview results, track shipments and manage many aspects of your account, all online, 24/7.