Jewelry Design Certificate

Jewelry Design Hero

The Jewelry Design certificate program provides students with the fundamental knowledge of design theory and the technical hand-rendering skills commonly employed in jewelry design. Students acquire a working knowledge of jewelry artistry. Skills taught include illustrating the shape, form and texture of metal; working with drafting tools; and rendering yellow and white metals as well as a range of faceted and cabochon gemstones and pearls. By the completion of the program, students will have a portfolio of class projects and custom designs ready for presentation to potential clients and employers.

What You’ll Earn: GIA Jewelry Design Certificate

What You'll Learn

  • Demonstrate ability to create designs based on sources of inspiration
  • Describe jewelry design theory and artistry
  • Demonstrate rendering skills with graphite, colored pencils and water color paints
  • Illustrate the shape, form and texture of metal
  • Render faceted and cabochon gems, pearls and colored stones
  • Demonstrate traditional drafting techniques used for enhanced rendering
  • Develop and refine motifs used for jewelry design

Possible Career Paths

  • Jewelry Designer
  • Custom Designer
  • Hand Renderer
  • Sales Associate
  • Technical Designer