Graduate Colored Stones Program

Colored Stones Hero

Identify a stunning variety of gemstones. Evaluate them by quality, rarity, and color. Study the most effective grading, buying, and selling techniques. A dazzling spectrum of opportunities awaits those who understand the colored stone marketplace.

What You'll Learn

  • Build a knowledge base about colored stones and the colored stone market
  • Use gemological equipment effectively to identify gemstones
  • Use the GIA Colored Stone Grading System to evaluate gemstone quality
  • Recognize how quality, rarity, and color affect value
  • Determine how market factors affect gem value
  • Understand how gems are mined, fashioned, and brought to the marketplace.

Possible Career Paths

  • Appraiser
  • Auction House Jewelry Specialist
  • Colored Stone Buyer
  • Estate Jewelry Dealer
  • Jewelry Business Owner
  • Jewelry Buyer
  • Pawn Broker
  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler