Become a Laboratory Client

In order to submit materials to GIA, you will need to set up a Laboratory Service account. The application process is completely online and takes only a few steps.

What you will be asked to provide:

  • A valid email address

  • Your contact details, date of birth and a scan of a valid government-issued photo identification

If you are applying for an account on behalf of a business, you will also need to provide: 

  • The names, home addresses, dates of birth and scans of valid government-issued photo identification for all owners or individuals who have 25% or more ownership or voting rights in the company or who otherwise have significant control over the company, such as a CFO or CEO of the company (if applicable).

  • The names and scans of government-issued valid photo identification for any additional individuals authorized to conduct business with GIA on behalf of your company. This could include authorized representatives, couriers or anyone who will pick up or drop off materials on behalf of the business.

  • A copy of the company’s business license or articles of incorporation.

You will be asked to sign the GIA Laboratory Client Agreement via DocuSign.

  • If you are not authorized to sign on your company’s behalf, you may forward the DocuSign link to someone with signing authority.

  • We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of the client agreement before signing.

Once the client agreement is signed and you’ve submitted your online application, you will receive a client number via email. You can now submit stones to the Laboratory.

If you do not have scans of all the required documents at the time of application:
You can still submit the application along with a signed client agreement. You will receive a client number which will allow you to submit materials. However, you will not able to receive your serviced items until all documentation has been provided and your application is complete. You can return to the online application at any time to complete it.

Apply For a Laboratory Account

If you are an existing client you will be contacted by your representative to update your account.



Why does GIA require additional documentation to apply for a laboratory account?
GIA is committed to protecting the integrity of its services and the way we conduct our business. Our application process and the additional information required are part of our Know Your Customer initiative. Also known as KYC, the initiative allows us to better understand who we are doing business with. It helps ensure that we are not knowingly facilitating or encouraging illicit activities, including money laundering or undermining the integrity of the jewelry industry. These requirements are not unique to GIA but are globally recognized requirements across many industries.

What does GIA do with my data?
All information provided to GIA by new or existing clients will be used solely in relation to their business with GIA and will remain private and confidential in accordance with applicable laws and contracts. Required information includes, but is not limited to, valid government-issued photo identification, full legal name, date of birth, permanent address for each authorized representative and disclosure of authorized third-party representatives. Learn more about GIA’s client privacy policy.

What are sanctions and does this apply to me?
GIA follows U.S. sanctions, which restricts with whom we can do business. To ensure compliance with those sanctions, GIA carefully screens all applicants and may ask for additional information from those with residency in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Russia and Ukraine.

What does it mean if my application is “under review?”
Certain applications are flagged for additional review. Once that review is complete, your application status will be updated.

If my application is under review, can I still submit stones to GIA?
Once you’ve submitted your application and a signed client agreement, you will be issued a client number. You many submit stones using this client number. However, you cannot receive your stones until your application is approved. Once approved, your client number will remain the same.

We look forward to serving you and thank you for choosing GIA as your gem laboratory. For additional questions, please contact our client services representatives.

The laboratory account application is only available in English.