GIA Diamond Focus™ Report Submission Guidelines

The GIA Diamond Focus™ Report is a cost-effective grading report delivering key grading information in a digital format for select natural D-to-Z diamonds.

Diamond Focus Report Parameters

  • 0.15 to 0.39 carats

  • D-to-Z natural

  • Untreated

  • Round brilliant cut only (fancy shapes may be added at a later date)

Diamond Focus Report Features

  • Key grading details - carat weight; color, clarity and cut grades
  • Additional grading information including polish, symmetry and fluorescence
  • Laser inscription of the report number

Plotted diagram, clarity characteristics and proportion diagram are not included.

Service Fees

0.15 to 0.22 carats: $20 USD

0.23 to 0.29 carats: $22 USD

0.30 to 0.39 carats: $32 USD

Submission Requirements

  • Items must be submitted through web services or My Laboratory using intake import files.

  • In order to request recheck services, pre-stated estimated grades must be provided at the time of submission using the Auto Response program.

  • Custom inscription service requests must be made at the time of submission.

Report Check

  • The Diamond Focus Report is available on Report Check and My Laboratory.

  • A printable PDF is available through Report Check and My Laboratory; no paper report is provided.

A printed label will accompany the item at return for shipping purposes.

Service Restrictions

  • Update and Re-Examination services will not be available for items with a Diamond Focus Report.

  • Conversion service to Diamond Focus Report is not available.

  • Conversion service from the Diamond Focus Report to Diamond Dossier or eReport cannot be requested while the item is in-house.

Items submitted that do not fit the Diamond Focus Report parameters will be returned with no service, except:

  • If the color origin is not natural, an Identification Report will be issued.

  • If the weight is above 0.39 carats, a Diamond Dossier will be issued.

Final grading results can be viewed on Report Check, My Laboratory, or the Items Returned .csv file. Final grading results will not be emailed or faxed.

View sample Diamond Focus Report and printable PDF.
For more information, contact us.