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Celebrate Colored Stones with GIA’s Retailer Support Program

Acrylic counter display available through GIA’s Retailer Support Program.

Free birthstone flipchart available with program orders until May 10

CARLSBAD, Calif. – April 8, 2019 – Retailers participating in GIA’s Retailer Support Program can now use an enhanced collection of colored stone materials to tell the story of these beautiful gemstones to their customers. The materials – including brochures, counter displays and a birthstone flipchart – further the program’s mission to help retailers educate consumers about diamonds, colored stones and pearls, and the value of GIA grading and identification reports.
New ruby and sapphire brochures, along with existing materials on emeralds and pearls, help educate consumers about color, clarity characteristics, sources and treatments. All brochures are conveniently available from the program website as downloadable PDFs and printed handouts. In addition, gemstone counter displays, available in acrylic or cardboard, let customers know that a retailer carries gems with GIA reports. The new birthstone flipchart celebrates each month’s birthstone with detailed information about the gemstone’s color, geographic sources and mineral specifics. With a paid retailer support order, the new birthstone flipchart is currently included as a free gift and global shipping is also included at no cost with all orders made between April 1 and May 10, special promotion rules apply.

Ruby and sapphire brochures available through GIA’s Retailer Support Program.

“GIA provides retail jewelers with tools and resources backed by GIA’s decades of research and experience to help them educate consumers about diamonds, colored stones and pearls and the value of knowing what they are buying through a GIA report,” said Tali Nay, manager of the GIA Retailer Support Program. “These new tools will help retailers match their point-of-sale tools with their individual inventories and businesses.”
In addition to point-of-sale tools, the Retailer Support Program offers free videos, images, logos and interactive downloads for use in advertising, and on a retailer’s website and social media. The program also offers a series of staff training modules to help retailers educate their staff on topics including the 4Cs of diamond quality and GIA laboratory reports. Participants can also register for the Retailer Lookup – a free service that helps consumers find retail stores – visit
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